Modern Kids Bunk Beds and Different Personality Traits of Kids

Distinct individuality, contrasting preference. All kids according to experts are either born with the given genes from the dominant mother, the dominant father, or the mix of both. So when they are born to the world parents can right away detect what traits are directly from the mother side or from the father side. Particularly if according to sex, a kid can show a defined liking for hobbies, for food and of course, for the stuff they keep. Children are territorial. Though the parents indeed bought the modern kids bunk beds for them, it is theirs for they doze on it. They bury candies beneath its pillows. And they build make-shift castles on it.

Let us establish that your kid’s bedroom is his or her territory. Although you provided the essential furnishings such as cool kids bunk beds, study table, cabinets, flooring, pc, and more all through the growing years of your kid he or she might have already started to amass possessions that they have firsthand picked which in turn makes their bedroom their own private room. For young girls we can notice that they pick vivid objects such as ribbons, pastel colored school supplies, lace and plaids, etc.

Girls like things feminine. Many dispute that kid’s preferences are nurtured from the environment. But there are also some scholars who contradict such hypothesis saying that when girls choose pink over blue with no any prior introduction of color differentiation according to gender it is the inborn predilection that’s taking over. Parents need not to buy all item according to sex though, for example balls for boys and dolls for girls. Although toys and furnishings now are specifically designed by manufacturers in relation to sex. According to research, in order to appropriately ready each kid for the society’s prearranged roles for each gender, parents should hand them objects, toys and garments according to their sexual division.

For boys meanwhile we can observe bold to neutral colors, geometric patterns and solid-looking items on their cabinets and drawers. Some personalities of children though are more pronounced than the others. So do not be awed that although your child is a meager two-feet walking human being when she starts to favor blueberry pancake over strawberry it just goes to say that she may have either advanced EQ (emotional quotient) or IQ. For situations such as this your kid might require more attention and another kind of fostering.

When talking about safety apparently there is no special treatment towards the boys on top of the girls. Depending on how energetic your child is you should guarantee that all sharp things are securely tucked away over the cabinets that could not be easily reached. Some kids however are not as active as others. This is what pre-school teachers label a “submissive personality.” They are silent, commonly passive and soft-spoken. For children like this you may not have difficulty getting them one of those cool kids bunk beds for their bedroom. For hyper kids though, a single bed is more advisable for safety and surety reasons.

Top 10 Kids Toys at Pure and Honest Kids Part I

With so many toy recalls in recent months, parents are more selective than ever when it comes to their children’s toys. Not only do parents want safe toys for their kids, they also want age appropriate toys. Pure and Honest Kids has a wonderful selection of toys available for kids of all ages, and here are some of our favorites.

1. Kojo the Croc Zoobie Pet

Your boy or girl will love Kojo the Croc Zoobie Pet. Fun and innovative, Zoobie Pets are both loveable and practical. This award winning toy transforms from a plush stuffed animal to a soft pillow to a warm blanket. All your child’s favorite lovies are rolled up into one cute, cuddly creature! Kojo is available at Pure and Honest Kids for $30.00. Other Zoobie Pets are also available at Pure and Honest Kids.

2. Fruit Rattles from Yellow Label Kids

Who knew fruit could be so fun? Your child will adore playing with this set of five rattles from Yellow Label Kids. This toy set is great for babies who love bright colors and rattle sounds. This toy has longevity, as older children enjoy playing with the fruit in their kitchens and pretend grocery stores. A special bonus to purchasing this toy is all Yellow Label Kids products are 100 percent made by hand, and the company supports Fair Trade, which ensures artisans who create the products are paid living wages. The fruit rattles are available at Pure and Honest Kids for $45.00, along with many other Yellow Label Kids toys.

3. Doodlebugz Crayon Apron and Crayon Belt

Keep your crayons close by with a Doodlebugz Crayon Apron or Crayon Belt! Both the belt and apron comes with a pad of paper, perfectly sized for small hands, and 10 washable crayons. With an adjustable hook and loop closure in the back, the apron and belt from Doodlebugz grows with your child. The Doodlebugz Crayon Apron and Belt are both available at Pure and Honest Kids for $16.00.

4. Penelope Peapod (and all her accessories!)

Penelope Peapod is sure to become your child’s best friend! Starting with a stylish basket handbag, a quick transformation unveils a doll inside! The basket turns into a bassinet for Penelope to lay her pretty head! This toy is sure to provide hours of fun. Because it is a small, self-contained toy, this is a perfect quiet, outing toy for church, events and car trips. Penelope Peapod also has many accessories you can purchase, too, to make the pretend play even more fun, including extra outfits, rocking cradle, changing table and high chair. Penelope Peapod is available at Pure and Honest Kids for $39.98. All accessories are sold separately.

5. Antique Pedal Car, Fire Truck and Plane

These antique pedal cars are one-of-a-kind and are truly a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation! These full-size, high quality, antique pedal cars (and also available in fire trucks and planes) feature high traction rubber tires, non-slip pedals, sealed ball bearing drive, three position adjustable pedal assembly and all metal construction. The cars are finished with automotive powder coat lead-free paint. Your child will love to pedal around the neighborhood in these very cute cars. Prices range from $189.00 for the pedal car, $249.00 for the fire truck and $439.00 for the plane. All are available at Pure and Honest Kids. These toys are best suited for children ages 3-6.

Protecting Your Kids With Ball Caps For Kids

You can find many great places for everything in ball caps. You can find a large selection of ball caps dedicated to ball caps for kids and any other type of ball cap you need and want. You will not have any trouble sifting through all the available options for your children or even for your grandchildren, nieces or nephews. Every ball cap you need is right there just for you. You will more than likely need more than one ball cap for your children and that will not be a problem for you at all; you just have to pick and choose the ball caps for kids that are suitable and best.

Ball caps for kids can be very important necessities to you and your children. For one, it helps keep the sun off of your children’s faces, where the skin is most sensitive. The sun’s harmful UV rays can penetrate clouds and trees. Even if you think your child is safe on a cloudy and rainy day, they more than likely are not. The sun is constantly fighting to get its light and rays through the sky and clouds. Your child may even be more at risk on a cloudy day because the sun is fighting to get through the clouds.

Ball caps for kids also help keep them cool. In the summer heat, caps can keep the sun directly off their faces, which can reduce how much energy the sun can take out of them. On particularly hot days, people get tired quickly and easily. Kids are more prone to these symptoms because their bodies are growing and not as strong. Have your kids wear caps so they won’t dehydrate or tire easily. Something as simple as ball caps can make a huge difference to your children’s health and body.

Besides the benefits of having your kids wear ball caps, ball caps can also make great gifts. Not many people think of ball caps first when brainstorming gift ideas for their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friend’s children, or even consider them period, but ball caps are a great gift. If you think about it, with so many great benefits of having kids wear ball caps, you can help spread the protection to your friends and family. Anyone with a child or children will love your gift and appreciate the thought that you want to keep their kids healthy as well.

Standing back and taking a look at things in a different light can be beneficial. People do not ordinarily think twice about the ball caps that are being worn everyday and how they can benefit children. Ball caps for kids keep kids safe and reduces the amount of sun exposure children receive on the most sensitive part of their body: their faces. Next time, when you allow your child to go outside and play, whether it is in your backyard, a neighbor’s yard, the park, or anywhere outside kids can be exposed to the sun, put caps on their heads and keep them safe.